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4 Ideas for a Healthy Valentine Day

08 February, 2019
Most Valentine’s Day activities revolve around expensive restaurants, flowers & chocolates, and exchange of expensive gifts. This year, why not take a decision that would make a truly big difference by doing something different but important; investing in your health and that of your loved ones as an important step to showing love. 
Whether you're celebrating as single, or sharing the day with someone special, we have highlighted some activities which we recommend that are fun and relaxing. Try at least one 
for  something out-of-the-norm.
1. Visit a Spa— Many people have never had a spa experience. And a few who
have, would definitely love to enjoythe experience again. This can be a relaxing and healthy option to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. Pamper yourself, and if you have a valentine, book a session for them also. Massages not only help the body to release toxins and function better, it can help to release endorphins into the bloodstream which makes you feel better. Be sure to also enjoy the sauna, steam or whirlpool. The result will be a more relaxed, happier and healthier you.
2. Take a Class— Inspired to try something really different? Then try taking a class doing something new and fun, especially if there’s been
an interest there before. Motivate your significant other or friends in a quick workout class at the gym. Learn a new dance, maybe salsa, and have fun in a dance class. Discover a healthy and tasty recipe in a cooking class. Try out something brave in a surfing/skiing class. Try out swimming lessons. There are several types of classes you can take to try something different and new that will keep you active and on track with your healthy lifestyle.
3. Give a Gift of Health — Cards, flowers
and chocolates aren’t the only gifts that are Valentine’s Day appropriate. Give a gift your fitness partner or friends would love like a sports watch, subscription to consultation with health and wellbeing practitioners online,  activity tracker, a yoga mat or their favourite healthy snack. You can also buy accessories such as headphones, a water bottle or that nice gym bag that they’ve mentioned. Workout gear and running shoes would also be great for the partner or friend who would rather hit the gym than a box of chocolates. Presenting these gifts will motivate your partner or friends to stay focused on their fitness goals or even begin considering one if there have been no goals.
4. Sign up on HealthWise— Invest in your health and that of your loved ones. Show them love by showing an interest in their health. You can take a decision that would make a big difference by joining Africa's #1 Telehealth solution provider. is an online clinic where you can access hundreds of LICENSED HEALTHCARE & WELLBEING PROFESSIONALS caring for the health needs of you and all your loved ones.

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